Our Services

Production Chemistry, and Training Courses

We have the equipment, skilled scientists and engineers that provides unbiased and evidence-based results from our investigations to support all our processes. We focus on investigating all aspects of your process, to establish the root cause of any problem due to the field experience and industry knowledge of our engineers and scientists covering a wide range of oilfield disciplines. We specialise in Water Treatment & Injection, Reservoir Souring Modelling, Production Chemistry, Oilfield Microbiology, Corrosion Management, Chemical Performance Assessment, and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). We also offer Client-specific courses and Standard training courses in an in-person or web-based classroom session or hands-on at production facilities in Production chemistry, Water injection management, Oilfield microbiology, Corrosion and microbiology, Natural gas hydrates, and Oil-in-water analysis by IR absorption. We also provide Ad-Hoc Lab Support Services, guaranteed quick mobilization on short notice, 24/7/365 onshore and offshore.

Inspection and Testing

We provide support for upstream exploration and production operations with advanced technologies in inspection, maintenance, monitoring, data management and access solutions. Our technicians are trained and certified to meet international standards in order to perform services on drilling equipment, exploration vessels, offshore platforms, storage tanks, pumps, and pipelines. Services like NDT services, pipeline testing, flushing, external & internal inspection, surface treatment and pressure testing services are among the wide range of services we offer to our clients.

Hoses, Fittings and Oilfields Supplies

Our team provides a wide range of high-quality oilfields supplies and ensures the highest standards in order to support rigs, vessel services, fabrication, maintenance, and engineering for full optimization. Rockway prides itself of engaging the services of the best vendors to provide high pressure drilling hoses, choke hoses, flow line products, actuators, valves, gaskets, jointings, non-metal line pipes, metal Flanges, Elbows, Pipe Supports, fire safety equipment, PPE materials and Fire protection equipment.


Subsea, Engineering Services and Pipeline Equipments

We provide integrated solutions to our clients by providing greater value with a balance of hands on experience and innovative technologies. We provide ROV equipment and services, Pigging equipment, and pig launchers to support the subsea operations of our clients. Our products and services meet international codes and standards with well trained and experienced team members. we leverage the full strength of our global resources. We provide procurement support in diverse projects that our engineering team provides for our customers. Our engineering services includes fabrication services, onshore and offshore maintenance, civil constructions, waste disposal services, and demolition services.